Funky Joe

Giving Style A New Name

Funky Joe is an upcoming artist in the music world. Featuring in his Debut album Funky Joe’s
Funkalicious 80s, he traversed through the decades and bought a new sense of disco and 80s music back
into style.

Working with Joecorp Entertainment and their production department, funky joe has been able to
create songs and tracks mashing together and working in different genres of music. Which can be heard
in full force in future albums and releases.

Whether you are new to the Funky Joe movement or a follower of old, Funky Joe is always grateful for
the support whether that comes through streams of his songs or downloads of his hit tracks.

If music is not your tastes but watching Funky Joe defeat numerous people around the globe is, then this
website is more than capable of filling your desires. Check out the defeats page to keep track of the
people Funky Joe has bested.

For the fans:
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